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Assessing Water Sources

My family and I recently pulled our roots from the superfund soil known as Greenpoint, Brooklyn and moved to the middle-of-nowhere area of Northeast Pennsylvania.  This explains my most recent hiatus from blogging and brewing.  But between last month’s insanity of packing up, loading, travelling, unloading, and unpacking, you know this way-too-serious homebrewer found time to pull a sample from the well and send it off for analysis.

Water Comparison

Two eerily similar water profiles, two completely different places.  Both are very soft and essentially blank canvases for almost any beer style.  Looks like I won’t have to relearn to brew all over again, at least form a water point of view.  First brew day at the new spot is still a little ways off, though.  I’m currently upgrading to a 20 gal setup and building a brew stand. Got lots of ingredients, hops, and new yeasts to test out, so stay tuned.

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