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Brooklyn Brewsers’ Holiday Party & Homebrew Alley 6

Yesterday was an awesome day to be a homebrewer.  My homebrew club, the Brooklyn Brewsers, hosted their first ever holiday party at Brouwerij Lane.  The dudes at Brouwerij Lane graciously allowed us to put our beer on draft to flow freely during the event.  I brought my standard American lager that I eventually nicknamed my “Budweiser Clone”.  It was very similar to Bud, but tasted fresher and more vibrant.  It went over really well, and kicked pretty quickly during the party.  I also kept it real American by bringing pigs in a blanket and rice krispie treats “loaded” with rolos and potato chips.

Shortly after the party, the awards ceremony was being held for Homebrew Alley 6 at Brooklyn Brewery.  We rode bikes over there just in time to catch a glimpse of the final round Best of Show judging.  It was dead silent in the room and it was really interesting to watch how focused the judges were during this final flight.

Far right is the new Sixpoint brewmaster, plus some nationally ranked BJCP  judges

Crazy as it may seem, my Standard American Lager and Kolsch were both being judged right in front of me. Both beers took gold in their categories and the lager went on to take 2nd place best in show.  AEB pointed out the irony in winning a homebrew competition with a Budweiser clone, and it really is the best joke.  You’re allowed to choose your prize when you go up to accept your ribbon, and of course I chose a 55 lb. bag of Weyermann Pilsner malt to feed my voracious homebrewing habit and to make the bike ride home as unsafe as possible.  I quickly put that bag to work this morning and brewed a schwarzbier to continue on my lager kick.

Wanna brew your own Budweiser clone? Here’s the recipe: Continue reading

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