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EXP 7270 Single Hop Beer

Next up in the single hop series is another Hop Steiner EXP cultivar, creatively named 7270. Slightly different recipe than the last iteration with Azacca, but same hop flavor exploration.

Appearance: hazy, bright orange hue spot on for an American pale ale.

Aroma: ripe pear, and honeydew dominate then some mango, kiwi, papaya, sweet tropical fruit, peach and slight orange citrus. Very nice. Has a distinct “sweet” smell.

Taste and Mouthfeel: taste is slightly less nuanced, but very nice. Tropical fruit, a touch of berry and very little citrus.  A bit aggressive, but I think that may be from my exclusive use of hop extract for bittering all my recent batches. The extract lends a much smoother bitterness at the same IBU levels than pellet hops. Light, airy mouthfeel I’ve been getting from high carbonate+WY1318 combo is just juicy and scrumptious. Yeah, scrumptious.

Overall impression: I am very impressed with this hop. Although I feel the addition of a citrus-based hop like cascade (same with Azacca) would round out this pale ale, I have no problem drinking a few pints of this.

I think my whirlpool technique and careful attention to oxygen pickup post-fermentation has allowed these experiments to pull out the best flavors from these experimental hops. As it seems like there is no short supply of new varieties popping up, I’ll keep testing them out. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. Continue reading

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