Kyler Serfass

Dove head first into homebrewing with reckless abandonment.   Currently addicted more to brewing than consuming beer,

9 thoughts on “Kyler Serfass

  1. Fritz Fernow says:

    I love this blog, (note, I do not love a lot of things)

  2. Hey Kyler,
    I wanted to pick your brain for one second about kegging. I’m planning on ordering a kegerator some time this week and wanted to get your opinion about my master plan.

    PS: I’m super excited about the homebrew tour!

    • kylers says:

      Yeah dude hit me up at kylers (at) gmail dot come and I’ll let you know what I think. I’ll also give you my address for the Tour.

  3. Rhonda J. hunter says:

    I love beer but can’t drink it any more. Is there such a thing as gluten free beer? Like a millet beer? And how do you make a malt? Do you have to use wheat or barley?

    • kylers says:

      Yes, there are several gluten free beers on the market. Redbridge, Green’s, Dogfishhead, and New PLanet all make tasty gluten free beers using a variety of different ingredients, more often than not using sorghum. Malting is when you take a barley kernel, allow it to germinate by soaking in water, and then roast/kiln it to eliminate most of the moisture. Wheat is a common ingredient in beer, but generally barley is the main ingredient in all beers.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Pepe Yanez says:

    Hi Kyler, i read about the filter and unfiltered beer experiment. I would like to know how you filter your beer, what kind of equipment do you use.
    Thank you very much

    • kylers says:

      I am using the wine/beer plate filter from morebeer with the coarse pads on it. I hook it up to two ball lock kegs, one with about a gallon or two of Saniclean sanitizer and push that through the filter with co2 into the receiving keg. Then I’ll hook up the cold, uncarbonated beer-to-be-filtered keg and push the sanitizer out and then hook it up to the now-filled-with-co2 receiving keg and pull the pressure relief valve on it to start the filtering. Oh, and I have the co2 regulator no higher than 7 PSI pushing the unfiltered beer out or it will cause the filter to leak.

      I usually cold crash the beer for a week (or more with lagers). Hope that helps, and thanks for reading!

  5. Kyler, Great article in the New York Post please contact me when you have a moment. we can preserve this feature for you.

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