Azacca Single Hop Beer

This past weekend I participated in the second annual Homebrew Jamboree hosted by Josh Bernstein.  The event featured NYC’s best homebrewers serving their wares to a standing room only crowd inside Jimmy’s 43 in Manhattan.  I thought this would be a perfect chance to do a single hop beer (again) and get some tasting notes on one of the numerous experimental and newly released hops taking up room in the freezer (which are pissing off my wife).  I chose to brew with Azacca (ADHA 483) which has been generating quite a buzz recently.

Homebrew Jamboreephoto credit: Josh Bernstein

I asked everyone who came to my booth for a sample to give me a descriptor of what they smelled, tasted, imagined and I got some pretty good responses.  I definitely was surprised by the reactions from most people and even more surprised by the repeat “customers” I had throughout the event.  Both novice and experienced tasters contributed to a gnarly (in a good way) list of positive attributes:

Azacca Descriptorsscreen shot game is on point

I believe I can safely say that “tropical” would be a good catch-all descriptor for this hop.  Goin’ hard in the tropical arena, dropping a triple-double no assists (I had to google that reference for my wife).  Super juicy.  One of the most interesting things I noted about this hop was its distinct lack of citrus flavor (even though one taster mentioned it), a hallmark of several American hop profiles.  I got huge pineapple that reminded me of Simcoe (without the resin/dankness), peach, and some coconut (piña colada).  Victory recently paired Azacca with Mosaic in their Hop Ranch Imperial IPA, and I wish I had thought of it first (though I’ve yet to try it).  I found this hop so jaw-dropping that after tasting the hydrometer sample of this beer post-fermentation, I switched out some hops from my DIPA recipe I was brewing that day and popped in some Azacca.  Tasting notes from that batch coming soon.

hop cone“I think a hop looks like a tiny pineapple” -AEBS

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6 thoughts on “Azacca Single Hop Beer

  1. Jerad says:

    Recently found your blog and have enjoyed several of your posts. One thing though, am I just missing it or do you not share your recipes? I’d be really interested to give both your double IPA and the azacca single hop beers a try.

    • kylers says:

      Hey Jerad! Sorry for the delay, I have been in the midst of moving for the past few weeks. I usually share my recipes, but I’ve been in the process of trying different techniques and ingredients lately so everytime I’ve brewed my DIPA the recipe has been different. I can definitely send you the recipe if you’d like, email me kylers at gmail dot com.

      As for the single hop beers, thanks for bringing the fact that I left the recipe out to my attention. I’ve been using the Hop 2 It recipe from Vinnie at Russian River that is in Stan Hieronymus’ book For The Love of Hops. I will edit this post and put the recipe in. Cheers!

      • Jerad says:

        Thanks Kyler! I look forward to giving these both a try.

        I also appreciated the link to the BYO article on flashpoints. I’ve been doing whirlpools with heavy late additions on most my hoppy beers for a while now, but I hadn’t thought about what different temps might do. Just did a 20 minute whirlpool at 175 for my enjoy by clone, and I’m excited to see how it turns out. Once this batch stops hogging up my fermentation freezer, I’ll give one of your recipes a try.

        Looking forward to the next post.

  2. Lewy says:

    I have an Azcacca single hop beer priming right now. I brewed it along side a Russian River Hill 2 Row 56 clone (all simple single hop) I just switched out the hop styles on each brew. The simcoe variant is on tap now. Later this week, I’ll have them both on side by side. Hopefully then I’ll be able to get a good impression of this hop. From all descriptions I’m hearing it’s going to be a good one.

    Now if I could correctly pronounce it.

  3. […] impressed with this hop. Although I feel the addition of a citrus-based hop like cascade (same with Azacca) would round out this pale ale, I have no problem drinking a few pints of […]

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