Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Recap

Well, I did it.  I survived Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp.  While it was technically only two days of beer-themed events, my head is still spinning with the amount of people, places, information, and beer that I was exposed to while out in Chico, CA.  I was definitely “the guy taking pictures” in our group, but I felt that if I didn’t do so, my inebriated memory would fail me.  I curated my selection to (quite) a few pictures that generally goes in chronological order and best captures my time at the brewery.  Each picture will be captioned to give a bit more insight.

I’d like to believe that listening to a song or two while browsing this gallery will help you wrap your head around my giddy  recollections of Beer Camp, so I’d suggest New Radicals “Get What You Get” or  Quad City DJ’s “Space Jam Theme Song”.  I mean really the only logical choice is the Space Jam song, but I’m gonna leave the New Radical suggestion up in the hopes that you really pay attention to the lead singer’s dancing in that video.  It’s A+ work.

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2 thoughts on “Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Recap

  1. […] (top-rated DIPA and consistently voted best beer in America by Zymurgy) that I carried back from my Sierra Nevada trip, but how can you really trust me if I’m hoarding all of it and it never leaves my kitchen? […]

  2. […] thing for my fellow beer nerds to geek out on, I bought a few bottles of this along with me to Sierra Nevada Beer Camp and ended up getting it tested during a slow day in their QC lab.  Which is awesome.  Here are […]

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