Alison’s younger cousins heard that I want to someday open a brewery and they decided that I need some appealing beer names to stand out in the crowded marketplace.ImageScary beer is my favorite. Scary Beer.

Marketing is Important.

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3 thoughts on “Marketing is Important.

  1. Fritz Fernow says:

    OMG, they have to meet my 6 year niece who lives in Charlottesville. She brings beer caps to school to act as currency and her favorite yoga position is Moose Drinking Beer. Warms my heart to see this.

  2. Charlotte says:

    I really want Dat Nasty Beer. It’s the greatest name I’ve ever heard. Just imagining getting to order it at a bar is the best. “I’d like Dat Nasty, please.”

  3. +1 to Dat Nasty Beer lol. These are great!

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