Brew n Chew IV

I need to start keeping track of these homebrew events.  I recently participated in The Diamond’s fourth annual Brew n Chew.  It was a lot of fun serving beer and small bite pairing to the masses.  It was all for a good cause and a portion of the proceeds went towards reimbursing the brewers for supplies, which is always a positive.  I had a weizenbock that I had made a couple months ago in preparation for my entry into the New York State Homebrewer of the Year competition.  It’s a pretty solid beer, and one I have brewed before, but I made a few tweaks to the recipe.  One of the major changes was to use a relatively underutilized yeast strain from Weihenstephan.  I paired it with a salted peanut butter honey ice cream banana cookie sandwich and while I didn’t place in the competition, I got a lot of compliments on the pairing and plenty of people coming back for seconds, and they weren’t all drunk.  Looks like those two flattering links are the same text but two different sites SO WHAT THEY STILL LOVED IT.


*Special thanks to AEB for helping me conceptualize and execute the pairings and by that I mean wake up before sunrise the day of the event to make a batch of ice cream because I put it off.

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