Brooklyn Homebrew Tour 2011

I was asked by a NYC beer journalist named Josh Bernstein to host the third and final stop on a homebrew tour throughout Brooklyn. Someone found our flip video recorder and documented it for us. With some careful editing, I made it look like everyone enjoyed my beer.

I had two beers on tap, a steam beer “Ky Common” and my “Disaster IPA” aptly named because it was one of my worst brewing days to date.  I also poured bottles of a gold medal Irish Red Ale I named the “Shaun Bockert” and my clone of the Longshot Weizenbock.  I went through about four gallons of the Ky Common and finished off the final 2.5 gallons of the IPA.  I had a part of me that wanted to save at least 24 oz. of the IPA to send away to a homebrew competition coming up but beer is meant for drinking so it got drunk.

Here is a link to Josh’s website about last year’s tour and a link from an attendee of last year’s Homebrew Tour, with a pic of my good friend Fritz whom you’ll see in the video.

(Not documented was when I got the group of about 25 drunk strangers to sing happy birthday to my dog Betelgeuse, who turned two that day and thus ended her puppyhood.)

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