One time I said “brew strong” to someone.

I brewed an American brown ale yesterday, loosely based on Janet’s Brown Ale made famous by Tasty McDole. Tasty is a veritable home brew celebrity and frequent co-host on several of the Brewing Network’s shows.  I usually listen to the Jamil Show while traveling or exercising, both of which I haven’t been doing very much in this nasty cold weather, but this recipe came from Jamil’s Brewing Classic Styles.

Anyways, I would say “very loosely” based on his recipe is probably more correct, as I intended to use his hopping schedule but my local homebrew shop (LHBS from here into the future) was out of cascade hop pellets. I changed up the grain bill a lot as well.  I was going to post the recipe but the text export feature on BeerTools Pro is horrible so I’ll have to update with the recipe maybe when I have actually sampled the beer.  Actually, I would say the only thing that remained the same between the two recipes was the original gravity, but I was a little under, so that didn’t match up either.

I also didn’t use the recipe’s White Labs WLP001 yeast that I had because I used up all of my dried malt extract (that I would need for a yeast starter) in what I’m calling my “Disaster IPA.”  That brew day was a bit of a disaster.  Instead, I used some Danstar Nottingham dry yeast (1.5 packets or 17g) that I have had in the fridge for a long time.  I bought them when I first started homebrewing but they’re never referenced in any recipe I read so I never used them.  I guess now that I’m making up my own recipes “inspired” by others, I can do whatever I want.  Right now the fermentation seems sluggish after 24 hours so I bumped it up from 66F to 67F.

One last note, the recipe for this American brown ale is slightly out of style due to it’s size and hops levels, but whatever, as long as it’s tasty.

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